Monday, January 8, 2018

New Publisher Now Available through ACD! Laser Craft Workshop!

Order by Date: January 15, 2018
Release Date: February 2018

Sector 38: 4" Hex Single Story Blockhouse
$9.99 SRP

Welcome to Sector 38! This 4" 6-sided blockhouse fills all your science fiction hab-block and fortification needs. Our Sector 38 line of building include a movable single-story ladder for easy roof access, feature removable roofs for playable interiors, and are stackable to form large multi-level building. Add the Elevated Bridge and upper level complexes can be connected to form mighty metropolises! Designed for 28mm miniatures. Made of sturdy 3mm MDF board. Kits ship unassembled and unpainted.

Wild West Boomtown: Wagons Set

$29.99 SRP

Western wagon set contains 6 wagons; 3 uncovered and 3 with covered wagon bows.

Bachelors' Bayou: Lucias' Hideaway

$29.99 SRP

Elevated shelter and deck built on a 6 by 6 inch wharf base. Features include a staircase, removable roof, removable small shelter, and playable interiors. The entire wharf is built on risers to 3/4 inch above your play surface.

Zoned for Heavy Industry: Command Center

$39.99 SRP

The Command Center orchestrates the activities of the entire industrial development from assembly line work to cargo transfer to the fine detailing on the finished products. The building itself is about 6 and 3/4 inches square with an external walkway on two sides making the final footprint 8 by 6 and 3/4 inches. The main room is 3 inches high and there is an attached tower for the facility boss that raises the final height to nearly 7 and 1/2 inches. Both the tower and main complex feature removable roofs that let you use the entire structure for your battles. Designed to be used with 28mm figures.

City Center Ruinscape: The Four Corners (Ruins)

$29.99 SRP

The Four Corners are all that's left of a once sprawling two-story structure. Each corner ruin stands 5-1/2 inches tall and covers roughly 3 by 4 inches of the tabletop. Each piece has a double thick wall, a small second floor and roof remnant, and a variety of damaged and intact windows for customization. You can use The Four Corners to mark the boundaries of a large ruin or as four separate pieces of scatter terrain.

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