Monday, January 15, 2018

Superfight and Red Flags Expansions! New from Skybound!

Order by Date: January 15, 2018
Release Date: January 2018

Superfight: The Superbox
$20.00 SRP

The Superbox is the ultimate storage solution for the discerning SUPERFIGHT collector. With space for over 1800 cards, you’ll be able to fit all of our current decks plus four expansions that don’t exist yet! The Superbox also comes with twenty exclusive "Super Cards" to spice up your game, twenty double-sided score keeping chits for when you’re feeling competitive, and six blank deck boxes to stop your cards from sliding around like peasants.

PLEASE NOTE: This box is a storage solution only and requires the SUPERFIGHT CORE DECK or expansions to play.

Superfight: The Sword & Sorcery Deck

$15.00 SRP

Ancient dragons, powerful wizards, and deadly quests await you in this high-fantasy themed expansion for Superfight. Grab your wand and your sword and prepare for the most epic verbal battles you've ever encountered! 

Superfight: Dungeon Mode

$15.00 SRP

Welcome to a brand new type of Superfight Expansion! Work as a team to argue your way through the most deadly series of traps and pitfalls you and your friends can imagine, but remember... only one hero can make it out alive!

NOTE: This is only an expansion to Superfight and requires the Superfight Core Deck to play. 

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