Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Warmachine Miniatures releasing from Privateer Press!

Order by Date: January 15, 2018 
Release Date: March 2018

Warmachine: Cryx: Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch
$59.99 SRP

Striking without warning, the savage and cruel Satyxis are the terror of the Broken Coast. Belonging to an ancient tradition in which sailing is as natural as breathing, these fierce warrior women believe nothing in life to be sweeter than plunder and slaughter. The Satyxis savage their victims with the tearing barbs of their enchanted lacerators or break their bones with smashing blows of their twisted horns.

Satyxis Raiders are the backbone of the Scourge of the Broken Coast theme force. They work very well with a variety of Cryxian warcasters, but shine specifically with Warwitch Deneghra (PIP 34086), the upcoming Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet (PIP 34140), and the Witch Coven of Garlghast (PIP 34035). 

Warmachine: Cryx: Satyxis Blood Priestess

$11.99 SRP 

Blood priestesses preserve the ancient traditions of Satyxis blood magic, worshipping the very act of bloodletting itself. Able to harness the arcane force of spilled vitality, these priestesses perform sacred rituals of primal power that predate Toruk's reign. Wetting their sacral blades in the blood of their fresh victims they evoke potent spells and safeguard the lives of those they deem worthy, including such preeminent figures as the Queen of the Broken Coast.

The Satyxis Blood Priestess works her magic by claiming the life force of others. Bringing a strong set of passive rules to the table, the Blood Priestess will let players upkeep one spell per turn without spending focus. She also grants her Warcaster Sucker!, which allows friendly models to protect their master with their lives. Her magical blade gives her access to many different abilities as she uses the blood of her enemies to fuel her magic.

Warmachine: Cryx: Jussika Bloodtongue - Character Bloodgorger Command Attachment

$17.99 SRP

Feared by all in the port towns of the Broken Coast who know of her exploits as "the Queen of Blood," the blighted trollkin Jussika Bloodtongue is a favored lieutenant of Slaughterborn, a brutal taskmaster who leads hosts of Bloodgorgers and marauders in great orgies of destruction. She has become one of the most dreaded and infamous trollkin in the Scharde Islands.

Jussika Bloodtongue attaches to either the existing Bloodgorger unit (PIP 34103) or the upcoming Blighted Trollkin Marauders (PIP 34151). She also brings a slew of new abilities to any unit she commands and works very well in conjunction with Gerlak Slaughterborn (PIP 34059).

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