Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Products and Event Kits releasing from Portal Games!

Order by Date: February 1, 2018
Release Date: Q1 2018

Alien Artifacts: Discovery Early Launch Kit 2018
$89.00 SRP

Alien Artifacts: Discovery Early Launch Kit is another take from Portal Games to support brick & mortar stores and offer them unique product! Each B&M store can order 1 Alien Artifacts: Discovery Early Launch Kit 2018 and get 10 copies of the expansion, 10 promo materials, Alien Artifacts poster and the product will be delivered to 2 weeks before the official release date. Portal Games as always will support game stores with an extensive marketing campaign of the Early Launch, making sure that hundreds of Alien Artifacts fans will visit their FLGS to buy the expansion!

Alien Artifacts: Discovery

$16.00 SRP

Alien Artifacts: Discovery is the first expansion to Alien Artifacts. The expansion moves forward the storyline of the universe - humanity by accident discovers mysterious resource hidden under the thick crest of one of the planets. The race for the wealth and new possibilities begins! The expansion introduces a new type of card: Alien Resource card and combines with a new type of planets and ships it allows players to harvest more resources from planets and gain new unique abilities. In total, Discovery expansion adds 50 new cards to the Alien Artifacts base game, including new planets, technologies, ships, Alien Artifacts and Alien Resources.

Imperial Settlers: In Store Event Kit 2018

$25.00 SRP

Imperial Settlers card game is Portal Games’ evergreen. Many boardgamers are huge fans of Imperial Settlers. Especially for them, Portal Games has prepared In-store Event Kit. It’s a perfect tool to organize an Imperial Settlers themed game evening – or even a mini-tournament where the winners can claim unique gifts connected to their favorite game!

In this kit we offer three cards for each base faction (12 cards) with a unique artwork in a "panorama view". This artwork can be put together into one huge art piece – when a player puts all three faction cards next to each other, it creates one big amazing scene from the World of Settlers. In the kit you will find two sets of those cards (24 cards total).

Additionally, in the kit you will find a big playing mat (dimensions 23×13″) for Imperial Settlers – you may use it as a main prize during your in-store event. 

Robinson Crusoe: Event Kit 2018

$15.00 SRP

Robinson Crusoe is one of the evergreens of the industry, a massively popular cooperative game about castaways on the stranded island. Many customers of your game store are already huge fans of the game. We are happy to offer you In-store Event Kit that allows players spend a great time in your store playing unique scenario about time travel! This is a perfect way to invite gamers to your store and run few games of Robinson Crusoe creating even more positive buzz around the game.

The Kit includes 1 unique scenario about time travels, 8 unique player characters (Gamer character!) and 4 sets of custom wooden pieces representing food resource. There is also a poster to advertise your Robinson Crusoe game night!

Engage the fans of Robinson Crusoe and prepare a perfect event for them! 

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