Thursday, November 10, 2016

RETAILERS! Evolution Tournament Kits from North Star Games!

Street Date: November 15, 2016

November 15 through December 30 get an Evolution Tournament Kit FREE when you spend $250 on Evolution titles!

 Expand your Evolution customer base by running Evolution tournaments!

This kit includes a new tournament manager which, allows the person running the tournament to enter the names of the participants and the scores.  It will randomly seat the first round and then reseat people for the second round based on the scores.  The tournament manager will also determine who advances to an optional semi-final round and the finals. This will make it super easy for anyone running Evolution tournaments.

Each tournament kit is designed for 16 players.  If a store feels their tourney will have more than 16 players, they can purchase another kit. Tournament Kits do not count towards $250 promotion minimum.   

Demo games are not included with the kit.
Demo games of Evolution are available for purchase, but do not count towards $250 promotion minimum. 

This item is not for resale, brick and mortar stores only. 

Evolution: Climate

$20.00 NPI

  • Tournament Rules sheet with link to Online Tournament Manager
  • 16 trait card packs (Hibernation trait), one pack for each entrant
  • 4 trait card packs (Night Prowler), one pack for each finalist
  • 1 T-Rex Dino Meeple for the winner

Evolution: Climate

$59.99 SRP

Adapt in a continually changing ecosystem where food is scarce, predators lurk, and the climate swings from scorching hot to icy cold.

In Evolution: Climate, players adapt their species in a dynamic ecosystem where food is scarce, predators lurk, and the climate can swing between scorching hot and icy cold. Traits like a Hard Shell and Horns can protect your species from Carnivores while a Long Neck will help them get food that others cannot reach. Heavy Fur and Migratory can protect your species from the cold while being Nocturnal or Burrowing will provide protection from the cruel desert sun. With over 200,000 ways to evolve your species, every game evolves into a different adventure.

Evolution: Climate is a stand-alone game for 2-6 players in the best selling Evolution Game System. It contains everything you need to play Evolution as well as everything you need to play Climate. 

Evolution Flight

$29.99 SRP

Evolution: Flight is an expansion for the Evolution game system that introduces avian species into the ecosystem. Now your species can swoop in on unsuspecting prey from above, fly away from predators, or soar to a new location when food is scarce. Will the ability to fly propel you to new heights, or will it bring about your downfall? Explore the expanding Evolution world and find out!

2-6 players
Ages 12+
60-75 min. playtime

Must have Evolution in order to play  


$54.99 SRP

In Evolution, players create and adapt their own species in a dynamic ecosystem of limited resources and hungry predators. Traits like Hard Shell and Horns will protect your species from Carnivores, while a Long Neck will help your species get food that others cannot reach. With over 800 different species to create, Evolution has a ton of replayability and deep strategy, yet with the simple rules you have come to expect from North Star Games. So gather your friends and family around the table and see who will best adapt their species to eat, multiply, and thrive.

2-6 players
Ages 10+
60-75 min. playtime   

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