Saturday, November 5, 2016

New TANKS, Firefly Dungeons & Dragons and products from Gale Force 9!

Release Date: January 2017

TANKS: Mechanics Kit Hobby Tools

$20.00 SRP

Before a tank is ready to go to war it must be assembled by a team of skilled mechanics, using only the best tools. Having a mechanic on your crew is even more useful! They know their tanks inside and out and can get them back up and running after almost any hit.


  • Clippers
  • Plastic glue
  • File
  • Exclusive Skilled Mechanic Crew card

Dungeons & Dragons: Tyrants of the Underdark Expansion:
Aberations and Undead

$11.99 SRP

Contains two 40-card decks to expand your options in Tyrants of the Underdark.

Requires a copy of the Tyrants of the Underdark board game to play. 

Release Date: February 2017

Firefly: Big Money

$19.99 SRP

Big Money upgrades the paper money from the game with prop-sized versions of the bills, for a real fistful of credits when the deal is done. Big Money adds a new denomination, a $5000 credit note, perfect for the biggest paydays. This includes Firefly prop-sized 100 Alliance Banknotes, over $120k credits worth of currency!

Firefly: Crime & Punishment

$14.99 SRP

The Game Booster adds 40 new cards to the Misbehave Deck, presenting more hassles, hardships and the rare opportunity to those crews that might indulge in a bit of criminal behavior now and then. With new misbehave cards, your captains are gonna need new aces up their sleeves to get by; be it a piece of gear, the right crew, or the right relationship, just make sure you’re prepared.

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