Wednesday, November 9, 2016

New Blood Bowl from Games Workshop!

Street Date: November 24, 2016

Blood Bowl

$99.00 SRP

One of Games Workshop's all-time fan-favorites returns!

Blood Bowl is the game of hyper-violent fantasy football, featuring rival teams of fantasy races battling it out on the skull-strewn sports field for victory over their foes while tens of thousands of bloodthirsty fans cheer them on.

Box Contents:

  • 12 colored plastic, push-fit human players (2 x Blitzers, 2 x Throwers, 2 x Catchers, 6 x Linemen) plus balls and counters.
  • 12 colored plastic, push-fit orc players (2 x Black Orc Blockers, 2 x Blitzers, 2 x Throwers, 6 x Linemen) plus balls and counters.
  • 56 page rule book.
  • Double-sided fold-out card pitch (human on one side, orc on the other).
  • Two double-sided card dugouts (human on one side, orc on the other).
  • Two sets of special Blood Bowl dice (one blue for the humans, one green for the orcs).
  • Plastic template set (range ruler, scatter template and throwing template).
  • Card deck, containing Special Play cards, four Star Player and player reference cards.
  • Decal sheet, containing numbers as well as human and orc symbols.
  • Two double-sided rules reference sheets.


  • A game in a box! With push-fit, colored plastic miniatures, this will appeal to customers that like board games and 'game in a box ' style products.
  • 2-player Game. This is a fast-paced, competitive game for two players.
  • Expandable. Chance to increase game content with extra teams and Death Zone.

GAW 200-01-60

Blood Bowl: Death Zone: Season 1

$25.00 SRP

Full rules for leagues and exhibition games. Rules for Dwarf, Skaven, Nurgle and Elven teams.

GAW 200-02-60

Blood Bowl: Skavenblight Scramblers

$35.00 SRP

Push-fit plastic kit – twelve models. Contains 'warpstone' balls and Skaven-specific counters. Includes assembly guide and decals. Also includes an 'out of the box' team roster.

GAW 200-11

Dice: Blood Bowl: Skaven Dice Cube

$12.50 SRP

10 green 'warpstone' effect Blood Bowl dice. Packaged in a stackable plastic cube.

GAW 200-12

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