Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ACD EXCLUSIVE: Saltlands: The Board Game & The Lost in the Dessert Expansion from Antler Games!

Release Date: January 2017

Saltlands: The Board Game

$49.95 SRP

Saltlands is a post-apocalyptic survival board game taking place in an authentic, low-tech dystopian world plagued by drought. With your friends, you are fleeing from invading raiders, leaving your desert home: a plain left behind by a once great ocean, called the Saltlands.

How you play and whether you survive is up to you: Saltlands is a challenging game with unconstrained player interaction and chair-­gripping tension. Will you survive the desert?


  • 36 plastic raider miniatures
  • 6 characters with standees and player mats
  • 13 terrain tiles
  • 180+ cards (weapons, vehicles, items)
  • Rule book

1-6 players
Ages 14+
2 hour play time 

Saltlands: Lost in the Desert Expansion

$24.95 SRP

An expansion pack for Saltlands: The Board Game. Features 6 additional exciting characters for a total of 12 characters, each with a special ability and a special item. Includes advanced mechanics: area-effect weapons, advanced vehicles and additional terrain tiles – enabling the extended Epic game play mode.

Playable with the base game.


6 plastic raider miniatures
6 characters with standees and player mats
5 terrain tiles
34+ cards (weapon, vehicles, items)
6 cheat sheets
Graphic novel

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