Thursday, November 7, 2013

New from EnterPlay! My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game!

Coming in November!

My Little Pony CCG Boosters Display
$125.65 SRP

My Little Pony CCG is fun, interactive, competitive, and of course, includes all of your favorite My Little Pony characters. Players build a deck around a character, then try to overcome and solve problems in order to score points.  First player to 15 points wins, can you lead Applejack to victory or will Rainbow Dash run right past you?

12 card booster packs with a foil card in every fourth pack
36 booster packs per display

My Little Pony 2-Player Starter Set
$18.99 SRP

This deck features a foil version of both Pinkie Pie Mane Character Card and Fluttershy, allowing you to build a deck around either of this Mane Ponies.

Two 58-card Decks, Rules & More!

My Little Pony CCG Theme Deck Display
$87.92 SRP

This Theme Deck features a foil version of Rainbow Dash Mane Pony Card and a non-foil Rarity card, allowing you to build a deck around either of these Mane Ponies.

60 card packs
8 packs per display

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