Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New from Bandai! Digimon Fusion CCG: Theme Decks and Blister Display!

Street Date: January 18th!

Digimon Fusion CCG: Theme Deck Display
$79.92 SRP

Get ready to leap into the Digital World with Digimon Fusion! You join Mikey and his partner Shoutmon as they meet many friends and defend the vast and wondrous Digital World!

In the Digimon Fusion CCG, you control powerful Digimon like MetalGreymon, Blastmon, and Shoutmon X2 as you battle other Digimon for control of Code Crowns which is key to your victory! You’ll need to master the power of fusion to win and save the Digital World!

Theme Deck is 40 (30 Card Deck and 10 Card Booster) and 1 Game Mat
8 Theme Decks per Display

Digimon Fusion CCG: Blisters Display
$59.85 SRP

10 cards per Blister
15 Blisters per Display

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