Friday, July 26, 2013

New from Lock 'N Load Publishing! World at War: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe!

Coming in August!

WAW: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe
$54.99 SRP

One game that includes all the components of both the original Eisenbach Gap and Death of First Panzer. Better still, the maps are mounted and the rules and player aid cards are full color. This is a great chance to dive into the popular World at War system with the first two modules packed in one box!

For those new to World at War, the game simulates, on a platoon-level, the war which began May 14, 1985 when Junior Lieutenant Yuri Andromnivitch’s T-72 sent a 125mm HE round screaming into the guard tower on the ridge at Dankmarshausen, ripping mortar from rebar, and sending head-sized chunks of concrete tumbling into the red-roofed houses below.

Units activate by chit draw and formation, fire in a flurry of dice, and look good doing it. The rules cover self-propelled mortars, thin-skinned vehicles, support weapons, ranged combat, opportunity fire, ATGM depletion, assault, and overrun combat. Better still, World at War is not just a game, but also a game system. Learn Eisenbach Gap Deluxe, and you can play any of the follow-on modules.

One hundred seventy-six (176) gorgeous die-cut 5/8’’ counters
Two, professionally drawn, printed, and MOUNTED maps
Twelve scenarios, 2 players’ aid cards, and 4 dice
A full-color, 16-page rule, scenario, and chart book

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