Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New from Game Salute - Nothing Personal!

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Nothing Personal
$60.00 SRP

The Capo is getting old and about to retire. You think maybe it’s time for you to make your moves from behind the scenes, to put the gangsters into play that support your goals. Among the five families, power plays, backstabbing, whacks, and broken promises are just business as usual, it’s “nothing personal.” Will you gain the most respect among them all or end up at the bottom of the river, sleepin’ with da’ fishes?

In Nothing Personal, players control the five families of organized crime and use their influence over gangsters in the chain of command to work the mobsters they control up to the office of Capo. Players attempt to gain the most respect in five turns (five years) by amassing respect amongst the mafia through influence, negotiation, blackmail and bribery to move themselves up the pyramid of mob power, or, if they fail, end up delivered to the Feds or worse.

3-5 players
Ages 13+

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