Thursday, January 19, 2012

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$ 54.95 SRP
Lamborghini is a car-racing game blended with economic management as players must hire the best drivers, buy cars and components, and equip their vehicles to prepare for the qualifying sessions. The game includes two tracks – Monza and Hockenheim – along with five 1/87-scale miniatures.
Box Contents: 1 board game with two tracks, 5 Murcielago Lamborghini miniatures scale 1:87, 5 Car cards, 10 Driver cards, 39 Technology cards (13 Red, 13 Yellow and 13 Blue), 39 Monouvre cards, 39 Money cards (13 of 1.000$, 13 of 5.000$, 13 of 20.000$).

Leader 1 – Hell of the North
$ 59.95 SRP
Each of the teams includes different types of cyclists. Every cyclist enjoys the benefits of a free base movement which varies according to his specialty and according to the hexagon at the beginning of his movement. After this kind of movement every racer can add a paying movement. Therefore, the race is based on the riders' energy management: initially the riders are all inside the peloton, where it is easier to save energy, but then they will have to find the proper moment to break away to open the definitive gap ahead of the peloton.
"Hell of the North" is a slang term for a one-day bicycle race originally from Paris to Roubaix that includes many sections of cobbled roads, sections that often lead to damaged bikes, falls and unexpected race results. A mix of terrain, including cobblestoned sections, is included in the game with forty tracks on twenty hexagonal tiles.

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