Saturday, January 28, 2012

New from Mantic Games!

Coming in March!

Goblin Spearmen (10)
$ 24.99 SRP

These Goblins ordinarily carry spears and shields though these items are of little use in the close tunnels of overrun Dwarf citadels where many goblins make their home, and a close second favorite is a curved knife, preferably wielded behind the backs of their enemies. 10 x Metal Goblin Spearmen with command 10 x Plastic Mantic Bases 

Twilight Kin Spearmen Troop (10)
$ 24.99 SRP

Unlike their noble cousins, the spears of the Twilight Kin are tipped with wicked barbs, designed to inflict the worst of wounds. No honorable death awaits those killed by the Spearmen of the Night, if they do not die from torn flesh and punctured organs then the poison in which all Twilight Kin weapons are coated will course through the victims body, leaving them twisted and contorted, writing in agony. 10 x Metal/Plastic Twilight Kin Spearmen 10 x Plastic Mantic Bases

Twilight Kin Crossbowmen (10)
$ 24.99 SRP

As with all Twilight Kin weapons, the barbed tips of the bolts are soaked in poison. Crafted from the bones of their fallen, the crossbow of the Twilight Kin lets out a shrill scream as their bolts whip through the air, terrifying their foes and heralding the first wave of assault in an attack. To hear the whistle of the crossbows is to know your doom approaches. 10 x Metal/Plastic Twilight Kin Crossbowmen 10 x Plastic Mantic Bases

Twilight Kin Shadows (10)
$ 24.99 SRP

The first unit a Twilight Kin warrior joins are the Shadows. Sent ahead of the main force, these small units study the terrain and the enemy’s movements before relaying back to the main camp the layout of the battle to come. On the word of the Shadows has many a battle been won. Armed with poisoned crossbows, they are no less deadly in melee, able to rip open their foes with the jagged tips of their weapons. 10 x Metal/Plastic Twilight Kin Shadows 10 x Plastic Mantic Bases


Twilight Kin Bolt Thrower (10)
$ 19.99 SRP

Named for the reptiles that slither through the caverns of the under-dungeons, the Basilisk bolt throwers of the Twilight Kin launch volley after volley into the heart of the enemy, ripping open huge holes in their ranks into which the spearmen can pour like a crushing wave of darkness. 10 x Metal/Plastic Twilight Kin Bolt Thrower with Crew 2 x Plastic Mantic Bases

Twilight Kin Assassin (1)
$ 11.99 SRP

From the shadows they strike. Armed with all manner of arcane sorcerers weaponry, the Assassin patiently observes their victims, infiltrating the battlefield until the right moment to strike appears. Once the deed is done, their nimbleness mixed with dark magic keeps them safe from retaliation. To have a Twilight Kin sent against you is a death warrant from which few ever survive.

Twilight Kin Laelchi Shadowhost Army (62)
$ 174.99 SRP

Twilight Kin are Elves for the most part; depraved, tainted souls that kill for pleasure. Mixing their Elven brethren's battle prowess with a viciousness that is only rivaled by the hatred of the Abyssal beings the Twilight Kin ally with on the battlefield, these dark Elves employ the use of stealth, speed and an unhealthy use of poison when they march to war.

WP: Forge Father Steel Warriors (10)
$ 24.99 SRP

Steel Warriors are the mainstay of any Forge Father army and carry the best weapons this technologically advanced race has at its disposal. Coupled with a Tactical Upgrade load-out, the Steel Warriors can bring their brutal Mjolnir Rocket Launcher and armour-melting Dragon’s Breath special weapon to bear, as well as upgrades to the bearer’s armor. 10 x Plastic Steel Warriors Metal enclosed helmets 2 x Metal legs 1 x Metal Torso with Rocket Launcher 1 x Metal Torso 1 x Metal Dragon’s Breath Flame thrower 10 x Plastic Mantic Bases


WP: Forge Father Drakkarim Team (5)
$ 24.99 SRP

Drakkarim Teams are best used in close-quarters firefights, able to deliver their Dragon’s Breath special weapons and heat hammers amid the maelstrom of battle. Once they’ve established a strong firebase, the Drakkarim will provide support during an assault by disabling enemy artillery and vehicles as well as targeting bunkers and other defensive structures. 5 x Metal Forge Father Drakkarim Special Weapons Plastic Mantic Base

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