Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Titles from Queen Games!

Estimated January Release

Kingdom Builder: Nomads Expansion
$ 34.95 SRP

The nomads are roaming the kingdom and bring along their special skills. Four new terrains with attractive locations allow an even more variable setup. A new type of Kingdom Builder card enables the players to gain gold even during the course of the game and thus increases the interaction. Contents: 4 game board sections, 3 Kingdom Buildercards, 14 location tiles, 15 nomad tiles, 4 summary of location tiles, 25 grey stones, 40 settlements and 1 rules booklet

$ 59.95 SRP

A game by Kimmo Sorsamo for 2-4 players aged 8 and up. The bazaar in Cairo is bustling already early in the morning. Carpets, precious oils and exquisite spice are waiting for their customers. But only a large booth will attract their attention. Being traders, 2 to 4 players expand their market stalls to lure rich clientele. Sometimes a market barker will be of good help, because the competitors are not idle and the customers don’t like to walk long distances.

$ 54.95 SRP

Players are architects, helping the King to complete the palace -Taj Mahal, by placing beautiful mosaic tiles. These tiles come into play through a rotating rondel, which enables every player to place the tiles in different parts of the palace. Once the mosaic is complete, the best architect wins the game. Contents: 1 game board, 1 rondel, 4 player boards, 16 action markers, 60 mosaic tiles, 40 workers, 4 place markers, 1 rules booklet


$ 59.95 SRP

 Expected in February

$ 59.95 SRP

In Edo, players represent daimyo in mid-second millennium Japan who are trying to serve their shogun by using their samurai to construct castles, markets and houses in Tokyo and surrounding areas. 2-5 players Age 12+ 60 min

Scheduled for March Release
$ 54.95 SRP

Escape is a cooperative game in which players must escape from a temple before the temple collapses, thereby causing everyone to lose. Escape is played in real-time, with all players rolling dice and taking actions simultaneously. The real-time aspect is enhanced by a soundtrack to be played during the game. Content: 25 custom, 21 room tiles, 13 curse cards, 13 treasure cards, 1 soundtrack CD, 5 wooden figures, 25 gem stones and 1 rules book.

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