Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Shadowrun from Catalyst Game Labs!

Coming Soon!
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Shadowrun: False Flag - Denver 2 Adventure
$19.99 SRP

Denver has long been one of the most popular settings for Shadowrun, and the pace of excitement in the intrigue-filled sprawl accelerates in this second adventure in the series. The events of the first adventure, Serrated Edge, set the background for this one, but this adventure can be played alone. With a twisty plot, devious characters, and plenty of obstacles for the players to overcome, this is a great resource for gamemasters looking for a fast-moving and fun Shadowrun Fifth Edition adventure. 

Coming in September!

Shadowrun: Anarchy
$39.99 SRP

Shadowrun remains one of the most beloved gaming settings of all time. The cyberpunk-crossed-with-fantasy setting has a wide and enduring appeal, and Anarchy provides rules for a new style of play in this great world. Storytelling come to the fore in this book, allowing gamemasters and players to work together to craft a fun, fast-moving gaming experience. Whether you're brand new to tabletop role-playing or a long-time Shadowrun player just looking for a different way to enjoy your favorite setting. Shadowrun: Anarchy offers a fun, fantastic storytelling game.

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