Thursday, July 14, 2016

New from The Upper Deck Company! VS System: 2PCG: Organized Play Kit 2 and The Crow: Fire it up!

Coming in August!

VS. System 2PCG: Organized Play Kit 2
$19.99 NPI

Each kit supports one event and contains the following*:

1 Extended Art Acetate Winter Solider Main Character Card
5 Extended Art Foil Vision Supporting Character Cards
25 Alternate Extended Art Foil War Machine Supporting Character Cards
1 Dr. Avengers vs Helmut Playmat

Limited allocations and brick and mortar stores ONLY!

*All items are subject to change.

Street Date October 12th!
The Crow: Fire It Up
$49.99 SRP
$31.24 NPI

Set on Devil’s Night in the Motor City, play as Eric Draven as he dishes out revenge against the Motor City gang that took his life and the life of his fiancé, Shelly, the night before their wedding day one year prior.

Eric Draven uses the help of Officer Albrecht, Sarah and the mysterious Crow to track down the Motor City Gang.

The opposing players use the Motor City Gang, consisting of Tin-Tin, Funboy, T-Bird, Grange, Myca and Top Dollar to try and spread fires throughout the Motor City and also take out Eric.

98 Cards
61 Tokens per game
4 Double sided game board tiles
4 Player boards
12 Custom Dice
12 Standee stands
1 Rulebook

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