Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New products from Green Ronin Publishing!

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Fantasy AGE: Bestiary (Hardcover)
$32.95 SRP

What does every fantasy RPG campaign need? Monsters! Monsters! Monsters! The Fantasy AGE Bestiary gives Game Masters a plethora of new foes to challenge their players, from classics like the basilisk and minotaur to new monsters like the eldritch crown and shard lord. Each creature is fully detailed, with background information, adventure hooks, game stats and variants. This beautiful full-color hardback is the first sourcebook for the Fantasy AGE RPG and an indispensable resource for Game Masters.


Mutants & Masterminds: Hero High, Revised Edition
$29.95 SRP

Hero High was one of the most popular and sought after books in the history of Mutants & Masterminds and now it’s returned for
the game’s Third Edition!

The book examines the genre of teen heroes (and villains),
provides players and GMs with all the information they need to create characters and run games featuring teenaged heroes, and includes pages and pages of plot ideas and story hooks.

Finally, Hero High includes information on the Claremont Academy, a private school for the “gifted,” and introduces a team of eight playable heroes and their evil counterparts from a rival school known as the Elysian Academy.

This Revised Edition updates and expands the original, making Hero High a must for any Third Edition Mutants & Masterminds campaign.

Authors: Lucien Soulban, Christopher McGlothlin, Jon Leitheusser, and Steve Kenson

144 pages, Full color, Softback.


Coming in August!

AGE: Blue Rose - Romantic Fantasy
$49.95 SRP

A decade ago Blue Rose shook up the RPG scene with its vision
of romantic fantasy and inclusive gaming. Now the world of
Aldea returns in a new edition using the Adventure Game Engine (AGE), the popular rules that power the Fantasy AGE and Dragon Age RPGs.

This beautiful, full-color book contains everything needed to create and tell stories of heroic envoys of the Sovereign’s Finest as they protect their homeland of Aldis from threats like the shadowy Kingdom of Kern and the fanatical Theocracy of Jarzon, as well as monsters and artifacts from the cruel reign ofthe Sorcerer Kings. Aided by the rhydan—their psychic
animal allies—the champions of the Kingdom of the Blue
Rose safeguard the light of the world against the power of Shadow. Will you answer the Sovereign’s call?

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