Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Stand-alone Expansion to Resident Evil from Bandai!

September 15th Street Date!

Resident Evil DBG: Mercenaries
$ 34.99 SRP

MERCENARIES is a stand-alone expansion that brings the Mercenaries theme to life, giving your characters brand new skill cards to be used in any style of play. Draft Skill cards at the beginning of a game to give your Character a completely different play style. Your character will learn from those failures and successes as you continue to play, using that experience to activate the Skills they have to give them an edge in battle. MERCENARIES also introduces 3 different Mansions with 3 different challenges. Will you face the unruly Gandos horde, the creepy Illuminados, or the onslaught of Majini? Each Mansion attacks the palyer in a different way, leaving a multitude of combinations for ultimate replay value!

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