Saturday, August 11, 2012

New D&D 3.5 Premium Books by Wizards of the Coast!

September 18th Street Date!

D&D: 3.5 Premium Players Handbook
$ 49.95 SRP

These premium versions of the 3.5 edition rulebooks present a timeless edition of the Dungeons & Dragons game that appeals to many dedicated D&D® fans around the world. These are premium re-prints of the 3.5 core rulebooks that, for the first time ever, include the latest errata. All of these books have high-end production value, including new covers – Great for D&D collectors, completists, and hard-core players.

D&D: 3.5 Premium Monster Manual
$ 49.95 SRP

D&D: 3.5 Premium Dungeon Masters Guide
$ 49.95 SRP

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