Sunday, August 19, 2012

New from Mongoose Publishing!

Coming in September!

LW2: Fire on the Water
$ 9.99 SRP

You are Lone Wolf - last of the Kai Lords. Bitter War rages through your homeland as the evil Darklords of the west lay siege to the capital. Fire on the Water The King has sent you on a desperate journey to retrieve the only power in Magnamund that can save your people: the Sommerswerd, the sword of the sun. Ahead lays terrible dangers - ferocious seastorms, the tunnel of Tarnalin and the ghostly death-hulks of Vonotar the Traitor. Use your skills wisely - for only you can save your land from the devastation of the Darklords. Author: Joe Dever Pages: 320, black and white mini, Softcover

Blue Shift Core Box Set
$ 49.99 SRP

Blue Shift is a brand new miniatures game featuring fast-paced fighter combat in the depths of space. Players will assemble their own mercenary or pirate squadrons, equip their fighters with a wide range of weaponry and auxiliary equipment, and engage in a life-or-death struggle in the void. The Blue Shift Core Box Set includes a complete rulebook, four fighters, and a comprehensive weapons pack, allowing players to customise their fighters to their own specifications. The rulebook contains complete campaign rules, allowing players to build up their squadrons and train their pilots, as well as rules for all forthcoming fighters and weapons packs.


VaS: Battle of the River Plate
$ 39.99 SRP

 The first in a new line of box sets designed to complement the ever popular Victory at Sea naval warfare game, Battle of the River Plate provides everything you need to fight the first naval confrontation of the Second World War. Inside are four 1/1800 scale warships with an exquisite level of detailing, including the Admiral Graf Spee, HMS Exeter, HMS Achilles and HMS Ajax. All models come with an integrated and wave-textured base, resin hulls and metal detail parts, yet remain easy to construct and will be on your tabletop in fighting form in no time!

Legend/Age of Treason: Iron Companion
$ 24.99 SRP

Sooner or later every wandering Adventurer finds his way to Sorandib, whether the aim is to hide out from authority, find work as a sell-sword or simply to loot its treasures. Sorandib is an ancient city in catastrophic decline. While there are districts where law and order hold sway, no single force exercises control over the whole city and outside its walls there is near anarchy to the West, while Taskan soldiers maintain some order in the East to keep the road to the imperial heartlands open. Sorandib has been kept alive by two things: its control over the trade in Fengo, a drug harvested from the weeds that choke lake Barur to the North; and the creations of the Guild of Artificers, a centuries-old association of sorcerer-scientists who are famous for their inventions, feats of engineering and practical devices – many of which are built into the very fabric of the city. Just as the Emperor owes his immortality to magic provided by the king of Sorandib, the city will surely play a role in his final ascension to the heavens. The cult of Thesh in Taskay has its eye on direct control not only of the Artificers but of the fire-demon Sorantar who is the city’s god. The Iron Simulacrum himself looks to Sorandib as the place he will discover his fate when the Emperor departs the physical plane, where he might be unmade in such a way as to find the key to a continued existence as an independent soul. Sorandib could be the scene of Treason on a world-shattering scale. Age of Treason: The Iron Companion provides a comprehensive view of this famous city, including maps, floor plans, NPCs, cults, scenarios and rules for creating Artifice. Also in this book are new spells, price lists, new rules for training, henchmen and hirelings, running a business and using Passion traits in the setting. Comprehensive Spirit Magic rules synthesize the Legend rules and the Setting rules into a single document and statistics are provided for Elementals, including the bizarre Flesh Elemental, the Blemmye. In addition to the fully detailed scenarios set in Sorandib, the Companion describes six major treasonous plots to form the backdrop for further adventures, as well as suggested plotlines for scenarios set on the wild frontiers of Marangia and Kitan.

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