Saturday, August 18, 2012

Introducing Asmodee Kids!

Coming in September!

$ 14.99 SRP

Carole the cow makes funny recipes! But she is missing eggs, carrots, hazelnuts and chocolate. Listen carefully to her instructions and find the right ingredients to help create her masterpiece. One player takes on the role of Carole: that player takes the spoon and draws a recipe card. The player must knock a certain number of times according to what's shown on the recipe card, letting the other players know which ingredients are required by Carole. The other players listen carefully and then look at the ingredient cards and try to find the one which corresponds to the directions they've heard. The first player to collect five winning recipe cards wins the game.

Octo and the Singing Frogs
$ 14.99 SRP

The frogs have started a choir! You'll have to listen and then sing the low, middle, and high notes. The die will show which frog the players will have to follow. As soon as a player uncovers 3 frogs in a row, that player gets a concert card. The first player with 3 concert cards is declared the winner.

Sticky Sticks
$ 29.99 SRP

Roll the dice, identify the corresponding creatures and catch as many as you can with your "Sticky Sticks" before your opponents. The dice will show you the number of creatures that must be on the card to be captured, another shows the color of creature, and a final shows the facial expression. The cards that you grab with your "Sticky Sticks" must absolutely meet all of the criteria. Your goal is to accumulate more creatures than your opponents at the end of the game!

Little Thumb
$ 19.99 SRP

After escaping from the Ogre’s home, Little Thumb (previously known as “Little Thumbling”...) and his brothers are travelling through a mysterious forest to get back to their parents' cottage. Help them find their way by remembering places they previously visited. But beware not to make any noise ... the Ogre might hear you!

Twiga the Giraffe has Lost her Spots
$ 14.99 SRP

Twiga the giraffe and her friends are surprised - all of their brown spots have disappeared and been replaced by spots of various colors and shapes. Is it the mysterious spot disease? Each player has 4 giraffe cards representing the various parts of its body. By drawing wooden shapes from a bag, help the giraffe find its real spots - they appear thanks to magic transparent cards. The first player to recover all of their giraffe's spots wins the game!

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