Monday, January 21, 2019

King Arthur Pendragon—New from Nocturnal Media!

Order by Date: February 1, 2019
Release Date: February 2019 

King Arthur Pendragon

$39.99 SRP

Relive the grandeur, romance and adventure of the greatest of all legends — the story of King Arthur with this new edition of the award-winning roleplaying game by Greg Stafford.

Assume the role of a knight starting his career in the time of Uther Pendragon, undertaking quests and perilous adventures for your lord, for your lady-love, for the Church, or for your own glory. Win great renown with your laudable deeds and feats of arms, perhaps even winning the right to carve your name into the Round Table itself as the story of Arthur and Camelot unfolds around you.

Storypath and Whimsy Cards

$75.94 SRP

Storypath Cards are a card accessory to improve roleplaying, no matter which game system is used. The cards provide a unique way to create more dynamic and detailed stories by harnessing players’ imaginations. Cards allow players to break into the action and add a new detail or twist to the story. Usually, this is something which adds to the mood or atmosphere of the story but can also facilitate the player working with the GM to affect the plot.
This retail display comes with one each of six different decks each with their own theme. Five Storypath decks include the Path of Adventure, Path of Hope, and Path of Horror, as well as decks for Intrigue and Morality. Each deck is 36 linen-finish, tarot-size cards in its own tuckbox for $11.99. The sixth deck is the original Whimsy card deck of 54 story-crafting cards in a tuckbox for $15.99.

Each deck of Storypath Cards contains 36 cards divided into these types: Theme Cards, Tone Cards, and Climax Cards. Each of the cards has a title, a short description to guide their use, an illustration, and a number from one to seven that determines when it can be played.

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