Thursday, January 31, 2019

New VS System: 2PCG Releases from Upper Deck!

Street Date: February 6, 2019

VS System: 2PCG: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Cosmic Avengers

$14.99 SRP
$9.37 NPI

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take to space in this new expansion to Vs. System®2PCG®. Add powerful allies like Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Hawkeye to your deck to stand firm against a devastating cosmic threat.
Street Date: March 13, 2019

VS System: 2PCG: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Galactic Guardians

$14.99 SRP
$9.37 NPI

Joining forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy is a host of powerful heroes used to waging battle in the cosmos! Add heroes like Adam Warlock, Cosmo and Star Lord to your deck and stop the enemy in its tracks.

Order by Date: January 25, 2019
Street Date: April 17, 2019

VS System: 2PCG: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Black Order

$14.99 SRP
$9.37 NPI

This final installment in the 3-part Vs. System®2PCG® Infinity War arc is a boost for the forces of evil. Infamous villains Thanos, Nebula, Mistress Death and others have arrived to wage war on the universe-is your deck strong enough to stop them? Don’t let Thanos gain control of the Infinity Gauntlet…unless of course you are Thanos!

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