Thursday, January 10, 2019

Relic Knights! New from Ninja Division!

Release Date: Q1 2019

Relic Knights 2 Player Starter

$99.99 SRP

Relic Knights is a vibrant and colorful miniature skirmish game, designed by Soda Pop Miniatures. Relic Knights: 2nd Edition features new, streamlined rules by game designer Justin Gibbs (Malifaux, Evil Baby Orphanage, Showdown), and captures frenetic action and over-the-top mayhem like no other miniature game on the market! Relic Knights: 2nd Edition will be fully supported by Ninja Corps volunteers, multiple expansions, and a stunning line of new resin miniatures.

This 2-Player Starter contains all the miniatures, rules, and terrain players need to begin playing Relic Knights: 2nd Edition.

Relic Knights: 2018 Darkspace Unit Deck

$14.99 SRP

The 2018 Darkspace Unit Deck contains 117 unit cards and 44 upgrade cards, for all of the Knights, cyphers, and units included in the Relic Knights: 2nd Edition, Darkspace Calamity Rulebook. Relic Knights unit decks provide players useful reference cards for their units when playing games of Relic Knights. Each Relic Knights book will be accompanied by a unit deck for the units it contains.

Relic Knights: Digest Rulebook

$14.99 SRP

This digest-sized rulebook contains the complete rules for playing Relic Knights: 2nd Edition in one compact volume. The Digest Rulebook’s small format makes it an ideal product for players to take to game night, and its entry-level price makes it a perfect 2nd Edition starting point for veterans and new players alike!

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