Saturday, January 26, 2019

Fields of Green: Grand Fair & more from Stronghold Games!

Order by Date: February 1, 2019
Street Date: February 6, 2019

Fields of Green: Grand Fair

$34.95 SRP

It is time for the annual Agricultural Grand Fair where all aspects of a farmer's life are celebrated! Farmers all around the area are coming to see the attractions, watch the festivities, take part in competitions and get information on the latest news in the farming industry. Fields of Green: Grand Fair is an expansion for great card-drafting game, Fields of Green. It introduces the Grand Fair Attractions which lets the players interact with the Grand Fair in many new and exciting ways! It also includes additional locations, objectives, components for a 5th player and rules and material for solo game. Come visit the Grand Fair, enjoy its attractions and get to experience the life of a farmer to the fullest!

The Boldest

$79.95 SRP

The forgotten creatures of the forest have awoken from their slumber. No one knows for sure what is lurking in the Iron Valley. You have followed the call of your king. Now it is time for heroic deeds in The Boldest! Defeat mechanical monsters, retrieve enigmatic artifacts, use helpful items, and lead your faction to glory. Can you read your opponents well enough and forestall them? Are you worthy of the title "The Boldest"? Max Prentis passionately created and illustrated the world of The Boldest. His love for details can be found on every card. The more than one hundred unique illustrations let you delve into this rich world. This is the second game design by Sophia Wagner after Noria in 2017. Get ready to explore in The Boldest!

Order by Date: February 1, 2019
Street Date: February 20, 2019


$19.95 SRP 

Love In Farben, every color tells a story. Associate a color with a word, then tell a story of why you connect those two. Each round, you associate one of your twelve color cards with a word card and start telling a story. After ten words and colors have been played, the scoring phase begins. Another player selects one of the visible words for you, and your task is to recall all of the colors played by the other players and yourself without looking. You earn points for correctly naming these colors. While this sounds difficult at first, through the stories the colors become easier to remember. Farben is a vivid storytelling game, which is completely unique to game design. Farben brings people together over the stories that they tell each other during the game!

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