Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New from Renegade Game Studios! Covert and Dicey Goblins!

Coming in August!
$60.00 SRP

You have it in your sights: the dead drop.  You’ve messaged back to Headquarters that your mission has been accomplished, and now you are awaiting new orders.  Moscow, London, Belgrade...wherever it is they’re sending you, you know you’ll be prepared.  You’ll be in and out before anyone knows you’re coming.  You are a super spy.  You are undercover.  You are covert.

Covert is a game where players take on the roles of spies working covertly to accomplish missions. Over several rounds, players will collect the equipment needed and deploy their agents all across Europe in an effort to complete these missions.  Utilize your assets.  Make your move.  Don’t let anyone stand in your way.

2-4 players
Ages 10+
45-90 minute play time
Dicey Goblins
$30.00 SRP

These are special eggs. They have a glow that seeps deep into your soul causing an insatiable urge. Despite the peaceful look on her face, you know the mother dragon could roast your fragile goblin body without a second thought. You throw caution to the wind and inch towards the eggs. How many can you grab before you awaken the beast?

Dicey Goblins is a push your luck dice game where you will take on the role of Goblins stealing dragon eggs. Each round will challenge you to decide between attempting to raid the dragons lair or running for the exit. Collect 18 eggs or survive 6 rounds for a chance to win!

3-6 players
Ages 10+
20-45 minute play time

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