Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New from Plaid Hat Games! Ashes: The Roaring Rose and The Duchess of Deception!

Coming in August!
Ashes: The Roaring Rose
$14.99 SRP

The desert city of Neverset is in bloom. Not only are the grand gardens and menagerie coming into their fullness, but so too is Neverset’s greatest son. Leo Sunshadow parades forth as an envoy to the world. Calming minds, cooling anger, disarming the violent. Only when it is too late do Leo’s enemies see his thorns.

These expansions require the Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn main game to play.

2-4 players
Ages 14+
30+ minute play time

1 Leo Sunshadow - Phoenixborn
1 Glow Finch - Conjuration
3 Anguish - Action Spell
3 Beast Tamer - Ally
3 Amplify - Alteration Spell
3 Change Psyche - Action Spell
3 Dispel - Action Spell

3 Memory Theft - Ready Spell
3 Mind Probe - Action Spell
3 Remorse - Reaction Spell
3 Summon Nightshade Swallow - Ready Spell
5 Nightshade Swallow - Conjuration
3 Summon Orchid Dove - Ready Spell
5 Orchid Dove – Conjuration
Ashes: The Duchess of Deception
$14.99 SRP

For a woman in love with illusion, reality loosens its hold. Nothing is forbidden, because consequences have no meaning. She is boundless. Free. Jubilant. Horrifying. Her maddening laugh echoes down from her gaudy mansion and through the empty streets of Smogborough. The city’s few remaining citizens scurry inside at the sound and shutter their windows.

1 Victoria Glassfire - Phoenixborn
3 Illusionary Cycle - Action Spell
3 Flash Archer - Ally
3 Body Inversion - Ally
3 Figures in the Fog - Reaction Spell
3 Particle Shield - Reaction Spell
3 Secret Door - Ready Spell

3 Summon Shadow Hound - Ready Spell
3 Shadow Hound - Conjuration
3 Summon Shadow Spirit - Ready Spell
4 Shadow Spirit - Conjuration
3 To Shadows - Ready Spell
3 Vanish - Reaction Spell

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