Monday, June 27, 2016

New August Products From HABA USA!

Coming in August!

Magic Feathers
$14.99 SDI

The jungle is in disarray! All the animals are running around the dense jungle looking for the partners they lost while playing. Only the colorful magic bird soaring high over the treetops has a good overview. His magic feathers float gently down into the jungle and enchant the animals that they touch. This helps the animals find their partners faster. No animal wants to be alone for long in the dense jungle. The magic bird will help players quickly reunite all of the animal pairs. The player who reunites the most matching animal pairs becomes king of the jungle and can, at the end, decorate themselves with the most beautiful magic feathers.

2-4 players
Ages 4+

1 magic bird
5 floating feathers
5 replacement feathers
40 animal tiles

1 set of instructions


Frankindex! Numbers & Quantities
$19.99 SRP

Professor Frankindex has given the monsters Zeropi and Decamo an impossible assignment; they must feel how many numbers are in the bag. But monster claws are much too big to recognize little objects. That’s why they desperately need your help! The players use their sense of touch to feel how many cubes are in each little bag. Who can whisper the correct eight or more numbers to Zeropi and Decamo?

1-4 players
Ages 5-8 years
10-15 minute play time

55 number cubes
11 tactile bags


Princess Mina: Jewel Matching Game
$11.99 SRP

All the princesses are striving to have the most valuable, shimmering jewels on their amulet necklace. But the gemstones are all mixed up in the jeweler box. Which princess has the best memory and can thread the most matching jewels onto her amulet necklace?

2-4 players
Ages 4+


Games N' Fun: Forest Feastival
$39.99 SRP

The summer feast is coming up in the gnomes’ forest...for the forest animals there is nothing they like more! The gnomes have prepared a variety of fun games such as: a race up to the fairground, balancing leaves on their heads, an amusing searching game and a flower memory game. Who wants to join in the feast of the forest gnomes and animals? A box packed full of games & fun that offers endless playing.

1-4 players
Age 2+
5-10 minute play time

1 game landscape (= game box bottom with game board and forest background with insert slots)
5 play figures (fox, deer, owl, squirrel, badger)
1 path
28 tiles (4 fruit, 3 balloons, 12 leaves, 9 flowers)
6 fir trees
1 die
5 puzzles
1 set of game instructions

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