Thursday, June 16, 2016

New from IELLO! Oceanos and Schotten Totten!

Coming in August!
$39.99 SRP

Set out for the deep sea as you pilot your submarine to explore the depths in a quest for rare underwater animal species, forgotten treasures, and priceless pearls!

Upgrade sections of your submarine to venture deeper and score exploration points each turn for the animals you spot and the speed of your vessel. Unearth riches and discover coral reefs to score additional points at the end of the game.

The game is played in 3 rounds with 5 turns each. Each turn, the Exploration Leader deals 2 to 4 cards to each other player, depending on the number of periscopes on their submarine. Players pick one card to play, then give all the others back to the dealer, who gets to choose one among them. Fuel can be spent to play more cards on this turn. 

The cards in front of you picture what you saw during your journey: fish and strange species, treasure chests, pearls, rare crystals, underwater bases, corals, or scary kraken eyes! 

Whenever you play a base, you can upgrade your submarine. Add periscopes to the turret to draw more cards, enlarge the engine to carry more fuel tokens, enhance the propeller to increase speed, widen the observation deck to better spot underwater wildlife, or improve the airlock to send out divers collect more treasures! 

At the end of each round, players score points for the different animals and pearls they played, and for the level of their propeller. But beware: whoever played the most Kraken eyes loses points! After 3 rounds, players score additional points for their longest uninterrupted coral reef and collected treasures. Whoever has the most points wins the game!

2-5 players
Ages 8+
30 minute play time

Schotten Totten
$14.99 SRP

Kill or be Kilt! A warm spring breeze flows through the valley as the birds begin to sing and the snow slowly melts away. Your precious village is slowly uncovered and the stone lines that define your property become visible. The earth is soft and the stones could easily roll just a bit into your neighbor’s farm granting you the extra room your clan needs. No one will notice, right? 

Suddenly an arrow whizzes past your ear! It seems that your neighbor had the same idea and is now pushing stones to enlarge his property. Use your cards to create the best battle formations and defend your village. Claim enough stones to win the game!

2 players
Ages 8+
20 minute play time

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