Monday, June 29, 2015

New from IDW Publishing! The Game!

Street Date: September 18th!
The Game
$19.99 SRP

Nominated for the 2015 Spiel Des Jahres (Game of the Year), The Game is a co-operative card game for 1-5 players.

In The Game, players will have to work together to play cards into one of four different piles, with the hopes of discarding all 98 cards to win. Each turn, a player must play at least two cards into one or more of the piles and then the player draws as many cards as they played. The next player then takes their turn and play continues until one of the players cannot play the requisite two cards (or one card if the draw pile has been depleted).

The “backwards” rule adds a snag in your plans to victory. At any time, a player can play a card that is 10 higher or lower than the top card on the stack. Obviously, on the ascending  pile you would play a card 10 lower and on the descending pile 10 higher. If that wasn’t tricky enough, players are not allowed to tell anyone else what cards they have, so The Game is constantly putting players on edge as each card played could upset their best-laid plans. Are you ready to play The Game?

1-5 players
Ages 8+
20 minute play time

98 Cards (#2-99)
4 Direction Cards
1 Rulebook

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