Monday, June 15, 2015

New from Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast! Magic: The Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers!

Street Date: August 1st!
Magic: The Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers
$29.99 SRP

The Multiverse consists of infinite planes of existence. Most beings live and die without ever knowing that their world is not the only one. But there are the extraordinary few who are born with “the spark.” If their sparks ignite, these rare mages are the only ones capable of traveling to myriad planes of the Multiverse, where they can reach heights of power otherwise impossible to achieve. They are known as Planeswalkers.

Take Magic combat to the next dimension in the Arena of the Planeswalkers!

Choose from five mighty Planeswalkers, each with unique powers and squads, and create your 3-D Battlefield based on the number of Planeswalkers you have! No matter the number, you’re goal remains the same; seek and destroy your enemy Planeswalker and gather points to determine who will rule the Arena and who will fall.

When your Planeswalkers battle, it is a confrontation that will shake a plane to its foundation. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

2-5 players
Ages 10+

5 Planeswalker figures (Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, Nissa)
30 Squad figures
6 Cardboard terrain boards
Two 3-Hex sand tiles
Two 1-Hex sand tiles
2 Ruins
4 Glyphs

30 Damage markers
One 20-sided die
10 Combat dice
15 Army cards
60 Spell cards
1 Turn marker
1 Game guide

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