Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New from Grey Fox Games! Operation F.A.U.S.T., Captain’s Wager and The Maelstrom Expansion!

Street Date: July 27th!
Captain’s Wager
$24.99 SRP

In Captain’s Wager, players take on the roles of rogue airship captains sending their pirate crews off on adventures in search of treasure. Problematically, several captains often show up for the same adventure. So how shall we figure out who gets what loot? We’ll gamble for it of course. That’s the pirate way!

Captains Wager is a betting and hand management game which combines classic elements of poker with the kind of clever card play gamers expect from more modern card games. It accommodates 2-5 players and plays for about 30 minutes.

In each round of the game players receive a hand of 4 crew cards (with values from 1-20) which they play in an attempt to win encounters by committing the highest valued card. The crew cards also have effects which give players the opportunity to take actions in addition to providing their value towards winning the encounter. Players who judge their hands to be strong based on their values and/or abilities can bet on them in order to increase the reward for winning. Players who have less confidence in their crews may fold to avoid risking their own precious gold.

By winning encounters players may claim treasures and items which give them special abilities and the gold necessary to win the game. The airship pirate who has claimed the most gold at the end of the game receives the title of Pirate Admiral and declares victory over the competition.

(Card artwork not final)
Captain’s Wager: The Maelstrom Expansion
$9.99 SRP

Add the fury of a haunted, mystical storm to your game of Captain’s Wager with The Maelstrom Expansion!

New Item and Crew cards help you navigate the churning squall, but new dangers lurk behind every gust in the form of the Haunt Deck. These new cards add an element of danger or chance to every encounter.

The new Haunt mechanic will track the fear in your crew – the player with the highest Haunt level at the end of the game loses everything (even if they had the most gold)!

30 Haunt Cards
4 Crew Cards
15 Treasure Cards

Coming in August!

Operation F.A.U.S.T.
$24.99 SRP

In Operation F.A.U.S.T. (Fine Art Underground: Stolen Treasures), players take on roles of independent art patrons in occupied France during WWII. This was a period when Europe’s greatest treasures were at risk of being looted by the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR), a special unit of the Third Reich tasked with plundering cultural valuables. To win this highly interactive game, a player must take risks, use cunning misdirection, uncover and remember where valuable art resides, and employ strategies to acquire the most valuable collection more quickly than the competition.

Players execute one of multiple possible actions on each turn with the goal of gaining enough intelligence to recover at risk master works. Players may also use deception to advance their goals, but risk losing their intel if caught in a lie. When a player earns enough intel, they may acquire a piece of art that has a specific, but secret black market value. Art gained may be forged or considered “degenerate” making it more easily confiscated. The first player to reach $1,000,000 in black market art value immediately wins the game.

Gather intelligence, locate the most valuable works of art and recover them using your network or spies, double agents, and art dealers before your opponents can do the same!

3-8 players
Ages 13+
30 minute play time

70 Intel tokens (in denominations of 1, 3 and 5)
26 Plot cards (11 French Resistance,  6 Spies,  4 Art Dealers,  3 Double Agents,  2 Allies)
21 Art cards (Art cards range in value from $0 to $500,000)
8 Forged Document cards
8 Player reference sheets
1 Rulebook

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