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New RPG products from Hit Point Sales!

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Pathfinder RPG: Conflict PvP Tactics and Teams (Hardcover)
$39.99 SRP

Conflict PvP adds advanced team vs. team mechanics and rules to the Pathfinder RPG. Resulting in raw, brutal, yet governed competition!

Play with a team or as gladiator styled individuals as conflict offers scenarios suitable for both styles of play. These scenarios and rules are much more than just death-matches, instead, matches are driven by scenarios with clearly defined objectives that must be completed in order to win. Plus, hidden movement is real in Conflict PvP, so don’t even think about Metagaming it.

In Conflict PvP, you are faced with an enemy with strengths similar to your own and your chance to succeed boils down to your wits, guts, execution and luck. So, if you think you have what it takes to outsmart real-world prey, then grab your dice bags, work on your own overconfident smirk and starting running with Conflict PvP!

2-10 players
Ages 10+
1-3 hours play time

Conflict: Combat Description Cards
$19.99 SRP

We’ve all been there; you’re running your favorite table-top RPG and it’s combat time! You roll the dice, hit, then calculate damage. What does the GM say? “You hit for 17 damage.” What will he say next time? “You hit for 16 damage.” Conflict Combat Description Cards are a way to spice up your combat experience!

This card deck provides hundreds of memorable descriptions, synonyms and results of combat strikes.  Improve your combat-related vocabulary as a GM, player or writer as each card contains carefully crafted strike results organized by weapon category and fighting styles providing over 700 System Neutral Ways to Describe Combat Strikes. 

Conflict: Combat Description Cards is System Neutral

Three decks of tarot-sized cards (Organized by Weapon Types, Blunt, Slashing and Piercing)

Conflict: Storyteller’s Deck
$19.99 SRP

This 80-card deck is filled with inspiring ways to describe the delicate nuances of your world. Each card contains action words to spark the imagination, followed by multiple examples of their use. The perfect addition to spice up any players’ experience!

Broken up into 6 individual sets, each set is separately illustrated by Rafael Dorsz and printed on large 4.25” x 2.75” (Tarot-sized) cards.

Conflict: Storyteller’s Deck is System Neutral.

The 80 Cards are broken down into 6 sets, they are:
12 Ill Intent Cards (Villain or Antagonist)
12 Expressions Cards (Expressions, Emotions, Reactions and Feelings)
12 Character Distinctions Cards (Making your Characters memorable)
12 Environment Cards (Describe memorable Landscapes)
12 Pain Cards (How do you describe pain?)
12 Labyrinth Cards (Describe exciting Labyrinths and Dungeons)

Conflict: False Peace Battlemaps
$19.99 SRP

Terrible things can occur in the most beautiful places. The False Peace Battlemaps illustrates two beautiful locations of false comfort and peace: Ancient Atrium and the Bathhouse.

The Ancient’s Atrium battlemap depicts a beautifully designed garden laced in ivory, a sanctuary of peace and harmony that invites comfort. Yet this Atrium is wickedly designed to become the center of conflict and strife. Perfectly symmetrical for tactical fairness, this map is made for strategists.

The Bathhouse battlemap depicts a Roman inspirited bath house equipped with steam rooms. An elegant place where people went to socialize privately, conduct underhanded business as well as the occasional assassination attempt.

These two oversized miniatures battle maps are in symmetric balance to provide incredible strategic combat. Each in-scale structure is well-thought out and strategically situated to add different tactical dimensions to each Conflict Match or gaming session. Though designed  for the Conflict PVP System, this map is versatile enough to be used with any roleplaying system that uses the standard 1 inch miniature grid. This map was designed at high resolution levels and is impressively clear.

Conflict: False Peace Battlemaps is System Neutral.

Double-Sided 24” x 36” map
Printed on 100# Text Stock (30% PCW /FSC Certified Recycled)
Fade-resistant Inks with UV Protected Glossy
Top, bottom, and side coordinates and easy-to-read and easy-to-track map points
Wet/Dry erase friendly

Conflict: Writers and GM Screen
$19.99 SRP

This beautiful 4-panel screen features magnificent art by Rafael Dorsz on the outer panels and on the inside you will find hundreds of inspirational examples of ways you can describe characters in intense fantasy combat.

Strategically organized by the type of damage the character wishes to inflict and the fighting style the character is performing. The types of damage include: Blunt (damage caused by non-penetrating force), Slashing (damage caused by a sharp edge) and Piercing (damage caused by a sharp point). The combat styles include: Finesse (a character who fights with style and grace, such as the Swashbuckler or Martial Artist), Power (a character whose fight is based on strength and vigor, such as the Barbarian or Thug) and Range (a character who is using a thrown or distance weapon such as a javelin or bow).

Plus additional descriptions from the Conflict: Storyteller’s Deck (Ill Intent, Expressions, Character Distinctions, Environment) so improve your combat narrative and storytelling at a glance!

Conflict: Writers and GM Screen is System Neutral.

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