Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New from Asmodee Editions! Parfum!

Coming Soon!
$49.99 SRP

Marcel and Marco, the designers of the award winning game “Fresco” now introduce you to the wonderful world of fragrances through their new game “Parfum”.

Aromatic scents were first used in the Orient in myriad ways. This expertise in manufacturing precious mixtures eventually reached Europe, with the southern French town of Grasse in Provence becoming the capital of the perfume craft.

In “Parfum”, players assume the role of master perfumers. They distill precious essences and create unique perfumes using ingredients like vanilla, lavender, rose, bergamot and violet.

But each customer has their own preferences, so even the most charming symphony of fragrances must satisfy the tastes of the wealthy clientele, so that they buy your creations. Choose your Aroma dice skillfully to obtain the right fragrance notes to create the most desired perfume. Watch your customer’s desires to become the most successful perfumer.

With “Fresco”, the designer team “MM” successfully engulfed the players in the fantastic world of fresco painting. Now with their new creation “Parfum”, they lead the player into the exotic world of perfume making in the 18th century.

2-4 players
Ages 8+
45 minute play time

1 Gameboard
42 Fragrance tiles
15 Essence dice
25 Customers
25 Fountain tiles
26 Wooden bottles
7 Alarm clocks
4 Round player figures
4 Player tableaus
1 Closing time tile
1 Bag
1 Rulebook

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