Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New from Modiphius! Infinity: The Role Playing Game!

Coming in May!
(Cover art not yet finalized)
Infinity: The Role Playing Game
$64.99 SRP

Based on the best-selling Infinity tabletop miniatures game by Corvus Belli, the story follows the battles of the Human Sphere against the alien Combined Army, a collection of conquered alien races led by an aggressively resourceful AI. A recent encounter with the enigmatic Tohaa, who want to ally with the Human Sphere against the common enemy, sets the stage for a vast story of conspiracy, war and adventure.  

Now, the gaming world is poised to discover the truth behind Infinity as players will have the freedom to adventure in the Human Sphere and beyond, learning a myriad of never-seen-before secrets about the Infinity universe and its’ strange alien races.  The roleplaying game will also focus on interesting characters and organizations that will let you explore the Infinity universe from a different perspective. There is one organization in particular with a dangerous agenda, that will lead you on an epic adventure through the key events of the Infinity story!

The corebook is the first in a series of releases set in the Infinity universe and uses Modiphius Entertainment’s 2d20 system.

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