Monday, April 13, 2015

New from Alderac Entertainment! Game of Crowns, Rumpelstiltskin and more!

Coming in June!
Game of Crowns
$29.99 SRP

Many will sit on a throne, but only one can wear the crown!

Long ago, the great Ruelen Empire was united under a single banner. In the aftermath of Ruele’s Doom, the Empire was shattered, torn apart into nine houses each led by one of the Emperor’s former council. The realm was thrown into bitter conflict, as each of the nine houses vied for power over the others–each seeking to reunite the broken Empire under their rule. This conflict became known as the Game of Crowns.

Each player takes control of one of the nine noble houses. During the game, players can exchange cards and favors through diplomatic relations, or directly attack opponents through warfare in order to take what they want. It will take clever planning, skillful negotiation, and daring confrontations to gain dominance over your rivals and seize the crown!

4-9 players
Ages 14+
45 minute play time

90 House cards
18 Vote cards
11 Guest cards
9 Reference cards
1 Round track
37 Raven tokens

$9.99 SRP

If I want to win our game, I first must guess your true name!

In Rumpelstiltskin, you and a friend take the roles of fey folk who have decided to engage in a name guessing contest. You must use your magical mischief to learn your opponent’s secret name while protecting your own!

Players take turns going back and forth. To take a turn, you play one card from your hand, perform its actions, and then put it in your discard pile. Then the next player takes their turn. Some cards let you try to win the game by guessing your opponent’s secret name. At that point you guess what your opponent’s secret name is (the card on the bottom of their deck). Your opponent may use a reaction, but then must tell you if you guessed right or wrong. If you guessed correctly, you win! If the card you guessed is not on the bottom of your opponent’s deck, play continues.

2 players
Ages 14+
10 minute play time

20 Game cards
2 Reference cards
5 Victory point tokens
1 Rulebook

Trains Map Pack 2
$12.99 SRP

Welcome aboard, again! The railways of today are amazing things and bullet trains, freight trains and more keep entire countries running. From transporting the populace to carrying essential materials, trains play an integral part in a nation’s power and economic development.

Trains: Map Pack 2 introduces an exciting new double-sided game board featuring a 4-player map of Europe on one side and two 2-player boards on the other including Italy and California. Now players can expand their railways into new countries. Each new map features extensive replay value that you won’t want to leave the station without!

2-4 players
Ages 14+
45 minute play time

1 Double-sided game board

Doomtown: Reloaded: No Turning Back #5
$14.99 SRP

84 (plus bonus) cards
21 individual cards (4 copies of each)
One playset (4 copies) of a bonus base set card with clarified text.
1 Story Sheet about the latest movers and shakers in the town of Gomorra

This product is an expansion, the base game is required to play.

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