Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Krosmaster Arena products from Japanime Games!

Coming this Winter!
Krosmaster Arena: Duel Pack 2
$20.00 SRP

Experience again the intensity of Krosmaster Arena battles, with two brand new heroes in a fast, fun and strategic duel!

Each duel pack comes with 2 exclusive figures, King Nidas and the Queen of Thieves, their character cards as well as: 1 game map, 2 token sheets, 2 engraved dice.

This is a standalone 2 player game that can also be used with Krosmaster: Arena.

Krosmaster Arena:  Brotherhood of the Tofu
$45.00 SRP

Find Yugo and his friends Ruel, Amalia, Evangelyne and Percedal in one box! And surprise guest, the one whom you do not expect, the most feared of the World of Twelve, Xelor Nox in person!

This pack contains six new figures (Percedal, Yugo, Nox, Evangelyne, Ruel Stroud and Amalia), six character cards, two mini maps, two token sheets, and a code to play online characters. 

Requires the Krosmaster: Arena main game to play.

Krosmaster Arena: Dark Heroes
$45.00 SRP

Come to the Dark Side! Enforcing order is one thing, but one gets bored of it why not try to take over the world! Let your demoic urges loose and knock over everything in your path with the Dark Heroes pack. Discover six new heroes that even Death prefers to leave alone!

This pack contains 6 figures with character cards and 1 punchboard.

Requires the Krosmaster: Arena main game to play.

Krosmaster Arena: Kerubim Bazzar
$30.00 SRP

Your favorite figures are back and ready to be collected! For the fan looking to complete their set, Kerubim’s Bazzaris the perfect expansion for Krosmaster: Arena.

This pack includes the Lou, Joris, Young Kerubim and Old Kerubim, also known as Grampy in the Krosmoz, and 4 Cards and 4 minimaps allow for head to head or soloplay!

Requires the Krosmaster: Arena main game to play.

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