Friday, November 21, 2014

New from IELLO! Eat Me If You Can!

Coming in December!
Eat Me If You Can
$14.99 SRP
Little Red Riding Hood and the family of pigs are living peacefully in the village – but one day, a hungry wolf appears who would dearly love to eat someone. Red and the pigs are in danger of being eaten! Rather than surrender to the plate, though, they decide to trap the wolf and shoo him from the village. Can they drive the wolf away or will they all be eaten?

In Eat Me, If You Can, the wolf player tries to eat one of the other players to score points while the players, being prey, score by trapping the wolf. In each round, one player is the wolf and the other players are given Little Red Riding Hood (worth 3 points), Mother Pig (2 points), or a little piggy (1 point). Each non-wolf player then secretly chooses one of two cards in their hand: will the player sleep and rest, hoping not to be disturbed by the wolf? Or will the player set up a trap, thinking that the wolf will be coming for them? Once the players lay down their cards, the wolf chooses one of the players. If this player went to sleep, the wolf takes points from this player equal to the value of their character; if the player sets up a trap, on the other hand, the player takes points from the wolf. Everyone else who rested this round scores points from the bank for their character but only if they got their beauty sleep!

Whoever lost points that round becomes the wolf for the next round and hands out the character cards to whichever players they wish. As soon as a player has ten or more points, the game ends and the player with the most points wins. Be crafty, and don’t hesitate to bluff because it could save your life!

3-4 players
Ages 6+
10 minute play time

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