Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New from The Army Painter! Warpaints: Zombicide Survivor Paint Set!

Coming in January!
Warpaints: Zombicide Survivor Set
$17.99 SRP

This special Warpaints Zombicide Survivor Paint Set is for the forthcoming Zombicide Season 3 expansions: Rue Morgue & Angry Neighbors. All the colour tones have been matched carefully to the artwork from the Zombicide Season 3 rules and books and combined with the first two Zombicide paint sets you have the perfect platform to bring your survivors to life!

The set includes 6 paints, 3 of which are brand new Warpaints tones as well as a popular Quickshade Ink wash and the dark metallic Machinegun Metal!

Note: Miniatures are not included.

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