Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New from Fantasy Flight Games! Dark Heresy Second Edition: Forgotten Gods!

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Dark Heresy Second Edition: Forgotten Gods Adventure
$39.95 SRP

Take your investigations to entirely new worlds in Forgotten Gods, a supplement for Dark Heresy Second Edition!

Mankind was not always as powerful in the galaxy as he is now. Long before the first humans achieved consciousness, ancient gods ruled the stars and spaces between them. In Forgotten Gods, your fears are about to be realized. A cult has hired the smugglers of the Faceless Trade to bring them forbidden artifacts, and they plot to use the power of these artifacts to reawaken a god from the time before Man. As a devoted servant of the Emperor, you cannot allow this heresy to occur.

In Forgotten Gods, the first book-length adventure for Dark Heresy Second Edition, your investigations take you into the wastelands of Hive Desoleum, aboard the Rogue Trader vessel Oath Unspoken, and finally, to the cemetery world of Thaur. In addition to a thrilling adventure that pits you and your fellow Acolytes against an ancient evil, you can use each of these locations as a new home world for your Acolytes, giving you even more options for character creation. Begin your adventure, and take your stand against Forgotten Gods!

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