Thursday, May 21, 2020

Upcoming June Releases from Asmodee North America!

Release Date: June 2020

June Releases from Fantasy Flight Games
ItemDescriptionMSRPPricingStreet Date
FFGAHC44Arkham Horror LCG: Weaver of the Cosmos$14.95SDI06/05/20
FFGGNS12Genesys RPG: KeyForge: Secrets of the Crucible$49.95SDI06/05/20
FFGHBO17HBO Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game Seasons 5-8 Expansion$24.95SDI06/05/20
FFGL5C30Legend of the Five Rings LCG: Spreading Shadows Dynasty Pack$14.95SDI06/05/20
FFGMC07Marvel Champions LCG: Black Widow Hero Pack$14.95SDI06/05/20
FFGMEC81Lord of the Rings LCG: Under the Ash Mountains Adventure Pack$14.95SDI06/05/20
FFGNAH15Arckham Horror: Blood of Baalshandor (Novel)$14.95SDI06/05/20
FFGSWL59Star Wars Legion: Cassian Andor and K-2SO$19.95SDI06/05/20
FFGSWL60Star Wars Legion: Iden Versio and ID10 Commander Expansion$19.95SDI06/05/20
FFGSWL64Star Wars Legion: AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank U$59.95SDI06/05/20
FFGSWL65Star Wars Legion: Vital Assets Battlefield Expansion$34.95SDI06/05/20
FFGCED01Cosmic Encounter Duel$39.95SDI06/19/20
FFGCED02Cosmic Encounter Duel Gamemat$29.95SDI06/19/20
FFGSWZ72Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition: Rebel Alliance Damage Deck$4.95SDI06/26/20
FFGSWZ73Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition: Galactic Empire Damage Deck$4.95SDI06/26/20
FFGSWZ74Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition: Scum and Villainy Damage Deck$4.95SDI06/26/20
FFGSWZ75Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition: Resistance Damage Deck$4.95SDI06/26/20
FFGSWZ76Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition: First Order Damage Deck$4.95SDI06/26/20
FFGSWZ77Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition: Galactic Republic Damage Deck$4.95SDI06/26/20
FFGSWZ78Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition: Separatist Alliance Damage Deck$4.95SDI06/26/20

June Releases from Asmodee
ItemDescriptionMSRPPricingStreet Date
ASMCOLT11Colt Super Express$19.99SDI06/12/20
ASMADM01Adventure Mart$29.99SDI06/19/20
ASMDC5144Magic School$8.99SDI06/19/20
ASMDC5180Forest Adventure$11.99SDI06/19/20

June Releases from CMON
ItemDescriptionMSRPPricingStreet Date
CMNMDC001Modern Art: The Card Game$19.99SDI06/12/20
CMNSIF609A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game: Targaryen Heroes #1$34.99SDI06/19/20
CMNSIF809A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game: Baratheon Heroes #1$34.99SDI06/19/20
CMNSIF810A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game: Baratheon Heroes #2$34.99SDI06/19/20
CMNSIFP15A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game: Targaryen Deluxe Activation Banners$14.99SDI06/19/20
CMNSIFP16A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game: Baratheon Deluxe Activation Banners$14.99SDI06/19/20
CMNSHF003Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition$39.99SDI06/26/20

June Releases from Atomic Mass Games
ItemDescriptionMSRPPricingStreet Date
AMGCA02Marvel Crisis Protocol: Roundabout Knockout Game Mat$39.95SDI06/12/20
AMGCP15Marvel Crisis Protocol: Corvus Glaive and Proxima Mid$39.95SDI06/12/20
AMGCP16Marvel Crisis Protocol: Gamora and Nebula$39.95SDI06/12/20
AMGCP19Marvel Crisis Protocol: Black Dwarf and Ebony Maw$44.95SDI06/12/20
AMGCP20Marvel Crisis Protocol: Drax and Ronan the Accuser$39.95SDI06/26/20
AMGCP24Marvel Crisis Protocol: Hawkeye and Black Widow$39.95SDI06/26/20

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