Thursday, May 7, 2020

New Root Expansions from Leder Games!

Order by Date: May 15, 2020Release Date: May 2020

Root: The Underworld Expansion

$50.00 SRP

Delve deeper into the world of root with the Underworld Expansion, which adds two new factions and a new board.

Play as the:
Underground Duchy – Sway your ministers to lead a righteous expedition to the Woodland, bringing order to the unending war and chaos above.
Corvid Conspiracy – Use cunning and trickery to hold the Woodland hostage, instigating plots to seize control through terror.

Play on the:
Mountain Map – Trek across outcroppings, clear blocked routes, and hold the mountain pass to show you are an effective leader.
Lake Map – Whisk yourself across the map by traveling on the ferry, meeting new friends and allies along the way.

Root: The Clockwork Expansion

$40.00 SRP

The Clockwork Expansion allows players to square off against four fiendishly automated factions that can be used in solo, competitive or cooperative games. An expansion base game of Root required.

Root: Resin Clearing Markers

$20.00 SRP

Make your Woodland beautiful and more visible with these 12 resin clearing markers. An expansion base game of Root required.

Root: Exiles & Partisans Deck

$10.00 SRP

An alternate card deck with new persistent powers inspired by the many factions of Root. An expansion base game of Root required.

Root: Vagabond Pack

$10.00 SRP

Upgrade your Root game with seven custom Vagabond meeples. Includes three new Vagabonds Harrier, Ronin and Adventurer. An expansion base game of Root required.

Root: Upgrade Kit

$5.00 SRP

The third printing of Root introduced corrections and balance adjustments to the faction boards. This kit provides a full set of replacement boards for the core game and the Riverfolk expansion.

Root: Fall & Winter Playmat

$30.00 SRP

A deluxe double-sided playmat of the fall and winter game boards from the base game of Root.

Root: Lake & Mountain Playmat

$30.00 SRP

A deluxe double-sided playmat of the mountain and lake game boards from Root: The Underground Expansion.

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