Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Now Carrying—Jordan Draper Games!

Order by Date: May 15, 2020
Release Date: June 2020


$20.00 SRP

Colorful is a co-op game about categorizing and matching colors as a group! Each turn a player will be given a general topic, and must come up with a one-word more specie example within that topic for the group to secretly match with a color card in their hand!

$20.00 SRP

Cactus is a dexterity friction balance game that has players competing for flowers in the desert by stacking strange colored shapes onto cactus!

$20.00 SRP

Praise is a game about discerning whose compliments are genuine, and whose are fake. In Japanese culture, many people praise others as a cultural norm, but your true friends have to be discovered by their honest praises!

Tokyo Jidohanbaiki

$40.00 SRP

Tokyo Jidohanbaiki (vending machine in Japanese) is a framework game providing various components from which many games have been created. Complete with 3D miniature drinks, crates, and a vending machine tower to drop the drinks into, the game was made in celebration of Japanese vending machine culture. Just as in life, drinks may become stuck and even knocked out again later!

Tokyo Jutaku

$40.00 SRP

Tokyo Jutaku is a real-time dexterity game where players will take on the role of a famous Japanese architect with the goal of building small homes on a strange or limited size property! They will stack geometric pieces according to certain building requirements such as the number of floors, and number of pieces allowed!

Tokyo Coin Laundry

$40.00 SRP

A game showcasing the wonderful experiences that can only come from doing one's laundry at a coin laundromat, Tokyo Coin Laundry offers every-thing from role-playing, to team games, to dexterity!

Tokyo Metro

$50.00 SRP

Based on the private lines that have formed the Tokyo Metro system, this unique economic simulator brings a lot to the table in a small box. Featuring a fabric map of the actual Tokyo Metro system, Tokyo Metro will challenge economists and gamers alike!

Tokyo Game Show

$40.00 SRP

Inspired by the extraordinarily entertaining and popular Japenese reality television genre, Tokyo Game Show gives players the opportunity to put on a colorful wristband and appear in their very own game show!

Tokyo Tsukiji Market

$50.00 SRP

Tokyo Tsukiji Market takes a bottom-up approach to player driven economics, using tonal wooden fish tokens and dockable resin boats to engulf its players as Japanese fishermen responding to vast supply and demand, perceptive value, and engine-building at Japan's largest wholesale fish market!

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