Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New titles from Alderac!

Release Date: January 2017

Light & Dark

$14.99 SRP

Flick, Flip, Fun!

In Light & Dark, two players compete to see if they can turn druids to the side of the light or the dark. Flick druid disks across the table in an attempt to convert your opponent's druids, or light and extinguish torches to win the game. Fast and fun, Light & Dark will have you flicking excited. It's the best flicking time you'll ever flicking have!

2 players
Ages 14+
10 minute play time


  • 6 Druid disks (double sided)
  • 5 Torch disks (double sided)
  • 8 Power Cards
  • Rule book  

Release Date: February 2017

The Captain Is Dead

$49.99 SRP

The jump core is offline! We can't keep taking this kind of abuse on the shields or we're done for! We have boarders in the cargo hold and engineering! And… THE CAPTAIN IS DEAD!!!

The Captain is Dead puts you and up to 6 friends onto your own starship, under attack from hostile aliens and systems going down left and right. Worst of all, your heroic leader, the Captain, lies dead. It's up to you and the various skills you bring to the table, to repair the ship enough to escape while also holding off the alien onslaught. From the Chief Engineer to the Janitor, you never know which combination of survivors you may have, making each game a unique challenge!

2-7 players
Ages 14+
40-60 minute play time


  • 90 standard sized cards
  • 44 small cards
  • 30 character pawns
  • 7 Torpedo tokens
  • Game Board
  • Rule book 

Release Date: February 2017

Destination Fun Combo Pack

$79.99 SRP

This combo pack features THREE full expansions for each game in AEG's popular Destination Fun series, including Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.

Coastal Tides Expansion
Trains returns with all-new cards and strategies for you to build the best rail system in Japan. This expansion not only features all new cards, it includes three entirely new boards. Two of the boards are designed specifically for 2 player games, while the Okayama map is a new challenge for 2 to 4 players. Route Bonus Cards are also included, allowing you to score additional points for being the first to connect specific stations.

Planes Round Trip Expansion
This expansion features two new boards, providing more airports to explore. An entire deck of new playing cards allows players to experience the game with new actions and goals. New planes tokens gives players more options to customize airport boards with endless variety.

Automobiles Racing Season Expansion
This expansion features three new race tracks, including two that are tighter for 2 player games. All new Garage, Pit, Handling, Performance, and Engine cards offer more options for customizing your race car. Season campaign rules allows players to race a series of tracks to determine an overall winner, complete with unique driver skills and wealthy sponsors.


  • 3 double-sided boards
  • 3 rule books
  • 21 randomizer cards
  • 20 route markers
  • 50 route bonus cards
  • 31 card dividers
  • 220 trains cards
  • 4 wild planes
  • 8 neutral planes
  • 8 player planes
  • 40 victory point tokens
  • 60 planes cards
  • 1 season record pad
  • 3 garage cards
  • 3 pit cards
  • 3 handling 

Smash Up: What Were We Thinking?

$24.99 SRP

Smash Up: What Were We Thinking returns to the wild randomness of the early days of Smash Up. By combining this expansion with your Smash Up sets, will you take Zombie Rock Stars against Explorer Dinosaurs? What about Time Travelling Grannies versus Teddy Bear Vampires? It's all possible now! All your dreams can finally come true! Smash Up: What Were We Thinking also marks the release of the 50th faction in this smash-hit line.


  • 88 cards
  • 4 Dividers
  • Token Punchboard
  • Rule book 

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