Friday, December 16, 2016

First to Find & Lembitu! New from 2D6.EE Games!

Street Date: January 13, 2016

First to Find

$12.00 SRP

Geocaching themed card game.

Discover the forest but beware of swamps and ponds. Be the first to find the cache!

2-6 players
30 minute play time 


$40.00 SRP

Lembitu is a cooperative game about the Livonian Crusade where Estonia is being conquered by several nations. There's only one hope tor them: Lembitu, the leader, who is brave enough to fight against an the conquerors.

Keep the capital castle sale from enemy troops. Coordinate with other players, as only three different actions available: movement, initiating uprising and battle. Enemy units will move in "tower defense" style, their amount and direction is based on dice rolls. Setup is always different; no two games are alike.

2-4 players
60 minute play time 

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