Thursday, December 15, 2016

New from GMT Games! Comancheria!

Release Date: December 2016


$60.00 SRP

Comanchería – The Rise and Fall of the Comanche Empire is Joel Toppen's second game design which tells the story of the First Nations people of North America. Like Navajo Wars, Comanchería is a SOLITAIRE game in which the player plays the role of the Numunuu, the Comanche people.

Using mechanics similar to Navajo Wars, Comanchería challenges the player to conquer and control the southern plains of North America. It won't be easy, however! Aggressive northern tribes like the Osage, Pawnee, Cheyenne, and Arapahoes will challenge your dominance of the hunting grounds. The colony of New Mexico has expansionist ambitions from the west. To the south lies Mexico and its new colony of Texas. And to the east lies the greatest threat of all: the United States of America.

Heavily outnumbered by the colonial powers, you will need to use your superior mobility and tactical prowess to conquer and then maintain your empire against a relentless tide of hostile encroachment. Along the way you will witness historical events like the opening of the Santa Fé Trail, the Indian Removal Act, the founding of the Texas Republic, and the American Civil War from an entirely fresh perspective: through the eyes of the Lords of the Southern Plains!


  • 22" x 34" Mounted mapboard
  • 44 Hexagonal counters
  • 16 Round counters
  • 180 5/8" Square counters
  • 110 cards
  • Rulebook
  • Playbook
  • 1 x 3-fold chart
  • 1 x 6-sided dice 

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