Saturday, October 17, 2015

New from Fantasy Flight Games! Fury of Dracula: 3rd Edition and Hoax!

Coming in November!
Fury of Dracula: 3rd Edition
$59.95 SRP

“The dead travel fast.”
  –Bram Stoker, Dracula

The most notorious vampire of all rises again in this third edition of Fury of Dracula, a board game of deduction and gothic horror based on Bram Stoker’s classic novel. One player takes control of the legendary Count Dracula as he stealthily crosses Victorian-era Europe, spreading his diabolical vampirism everywhere he goes. Up to four other players govern Mina Harker and her determined companions as they try to locate and destroy the fiendish Count before he plunges Europe into horrific darkness. But in this heated game of cat and mouse, the hunted prey may also be preying on his hunters. Any day’s travel might bring the hunters to Dracula’s location. On any night the Count may attack.

This edition features all-new art and graphic design crafted to complement the game's intuitive, thematic mechanics. Rounds are now broken into day and night: hunters take actions during both, but Dracula can only act at night. Combat is now more streamlined and decisive, and new rumor tokens allow Dracula to mislead hunters and extend the terrible reach of his influence. Count Dracula triumphs if he advances his influence track to thirteen; if the hunters can defeat him before then, they save the continent of Europe and win the game.

2-5 players
Ages 14+
2-3 hour play time

$12.95 SRP

He hadn’t seen the family since the age of eighteen, so he was certain that no one would recognize him as that infamously ungrateful child. Instead of his normal three-piece suit, he went into the estate meeting with dirt on his hands, grass stains on his jeans, and a list of landscaping jargon pulled up on his cell phone. He sat down between the scowling butler and his late father’s current girlfriend, and introduced himself as, “Chad. You know, the gardener.”

The best liar wins in Hoax, a fast-paced party game of secret identities. When an unscrupulous business magnate meets an undignified end, a fierce competition for his estate begins. Each player in Hoax assumes one of seven secret identities, from the resentful chef to the ambitious son-in-law, and attempts to make the other players believe that they are actually someone else.

Players can be eliminated by making false accusations or by getting caught in a lie. Whoever is devious enough to outlast all the other players wins the game!

Hoax demands mixing truth and fiction, executing clever strategies, and making shrewd deductions. Only a master of telling lies, discerning the truth, and navigating sticky situations can inherit Vargas’s wealth, become filthy rich, and win.

3-6 players
Ages 14+
10-20 minute play time

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