Saturday, October 24, 2015

New from Asmodee Editions! Shakespeare!

Coming in November!
$49.99 SRP

The theaters of London are abuzz. In one week, her majesty the Queen will attend their new shows and will grant her support to one of the troupes. It’s the chance of a lifetime for the young authors who are inflaming the populace with ever more audacious and motley plays. But how do you create a masterpiece in such a short time? Whoever has the answer to this thorny question will probably enter the rolls of history!

In Shakespeare, players are theater managers who must recruit actors, craftsmen, jewelers and others in order to assemble everything needed for the play’s performance at week’s end.

Each day players will take part in a closed bid to determine turn order. Then they will spend their turn enlisting craftsmen and actors and building beautiful sets and costumes. Choose your actions wisely, opening night is approaching fast!

You will have six days to put together the best possible theatrical performance and the company that gets the most flattering reviews will win!

Assemble a talented troupe to wow the crowd and critics alike or else it’s your head on the chopping block!

1-4 players
Ages 13+
20 minute play time

4 Individual board
20 Cylinders (5 in each color)
28 Discs (7 in each color)
4 Recruitment cards
16 Rest tokens
4 Game Reference cards
1 Main board
2 Bags
1 Day token
Eight +3 tokens
56 Coins (1, 3, 5 Pounds)
72 Stage Set elements
72 Costume elements

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