Sunday, October 4, 2015

New from The Army Painter! Warpaints Christmas Editions, Zombicide Black Plague set and more!

Coming in November!
Warpaints: Starter Paint Set Christmas Edition
$29.99 SRP

This set is a fantastic introduction to the Warpaints range and has the 9 Color Primer matching colors you need to get started plus a hobby brush. Best of all, you will also get a FREE Quickshade ink wash with this set, to create spectacular shading effects on your miniatures once basecoated. Check Army Painter's tutorial to see how to use Warpaints.

Army Painter is happy to announce that their long-time friends at Mantic Games have thrown in one free Dungeon Saga miniature in each of the AMYWP8003 Starter Paint Sets for the Christmas season. One random Undead mini is included in each set – a great bonus that will allow beginners to start painting right away when the paint set is opened on Christmas Eve. The miniatures are from Mantic’s brand new board game Dungeon Saga!

Mega Paint Set II Christmas Edition
$125.00 SRP

The complete package with all you will ever need for painting armies of miniatures!  The Army Painter’s sable brush range with the famous triangular handles. Furthermore, a 12 page ‘How to use Warpaints’ guide in full color is also included.

The Mega Paint Set is also getting a Christmas upgrade in form of one extra paint, the new ink Warpaints Flesh Wash, which is only available in the Warpaints Quickshade Ink Set!

Features 34 Warpaints plus 6 new paints:
Green Tone Ink (AMYWP1137)
Red Tone Ink (AMYWP1138)
Blue Tone Ink (AMYWP1139)
Purple Tone Ink(AMYWP1140)
Hydra Turquoise (AMYWP1141)
Chaotic Red (AMYWP1142)

34 Warpaints
7 Quickshade Inks
1 ‘Anti-Shine’ varnish
3 Wargaming Brushes (Small Drybrush, Regiment and Insane Detail brushes)

Warpaints: Zombicide Black Plague Set
$29.99 SRP

This special paint set is for the forthcoming Zombicide Black Plague boxed game and the Wulfsburg expansion, which were recently funded through a record breaking successful Kickstarter campaign. This stand-alone Warpaints set gives you the colors you need for painting terrifying zombies, ferocious wolves and grim survivors for your Zombicide Black Plague game.

Includes 10 specially formulated Warpaints designed specifically for Zombicide: Black Plague & Wulfsburg! This set enables you to enhance your gaming experience by playing with painted miniatures!

The Army Painter is proud to present its top quality and complete brush range.

The Hobby series are made from the finest quality Toray synthetic hair and offers a great introduction to the painting hobby.

The Wargamer series special purpose brushes feature sleek triangular handles for an absolutely perfect grip. These brushes are top-end and each has the correct hair type for its purpose. All are handmade and manufactured in Europe.

Hobby Brush: Drybrush
$3.50 SRP

Hobby Brush: Super Detail
$3.50 SRP
Wargamer Brush: Masterclass
$8.99 SRP

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